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Join Team HFOT in the
2020 BMW Berlin Marathon!

Make every mile count while restoring freedom & independence to our nation's most severely injured Veterans. 
Sunday, September 27, 2020
Berlin, Germany
Participation Types & Fundraising Commitments:
  • Fundraising Requirement $2,620 - Guaranteed Entry (need a bib through our Team HFOT)
    • There is a $100 sign-up fee for Guaranteed Entry Participants - Team HFOT covers the remaining cost of your bib for the marathon.
      Half (US$1,310) of your fundraising minimum commitment must be completed by  April 27, 2020  & the final portion (US$1,310) must be raised by August 27, 2020. Guaranteed Entries cannot be transferred or refunded. Guaranteed Entries can only be canceled or deferred if the minimum fundraising commitment has been met. 
  • Fundraising Requirement $700 - Own Entry 
    • Runners who secure their own entry into the Marathon via Time Qualifying, Drawing, or being a Legacy Runner can join Team HFOT through for a lower fundraising commitment of $700.
    • Team HFOT does not provide entrance into the race for Own Entry participants.
    • There is no sign-up fee for Own Entry participants
      Half (US$350) of your fundraising minimum commitment must be completed by  April 27, 2020  & the final portion (US$350) must be raised by August 27, 2020. 

Team HFOT's registration is a multi-step process to secure Guaranteed Entries, and these must be completed by noted deadlines in order to participate. 
  • Sign up for Team HFOT using the Register link above
  • You will be sent an email to submit your fundraising guarantee  & sign our waiver – both of these must be complete to finalize registration
    • To submit your fundraising guarantee, you will be required to enter your credit card information into our fundraising platform through the Recommitment Link in your Headquarters within ten days of registering. Your card will only be charged if you do not reach the fundraising minimum commitment deadlines of April 27, 2020 and August 27, 2020.
  • Register with the RealBuzz account link (to be provided)
  • Final Registration with the Marathon through specific link (to be provided)
  • Own Entry participants need to only complete the first and second bullet above. They do not need to re-register with the Marathon. 

Team HFOT Benefits:
- Team covers the remaining balance of bib fees
- Team covers bib chip fee
- Special Team HFOT Berlin Gift
- Custom Team HFOT jersey
- Fundraising Incentives
- Fundraising kit & promotional material
- Online fundraising platform & personalized support from Team Manager
About the Event: "Sightseeing. Fast. Legendary. The marathon route of the BMW Berlin-Marathon is  considered  to be the fastest in the world and  is a popular annual highlight for both runners and spectators." - BMW Berlin Marathon Website