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Rolling Across America

Joe Mellino

Cross Country Moto Ride

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very important to us, and we appreciate all the support we can get!

My wife Rose and I are riding from Seattle to Boston with our friends Steve Flannigan and Don Guay on May 21st. We are raising funds for a local Massachusetts soldier.
Please consider helping us raise funds for this worthy cause.
Thank you in advance for all your help, together we can make a difference.

You can follow us on our travels on my Travel blog

Joe, Rose, Steve and Don

Please feel free to share our page

raised of $7,500 goal


Recent Donations

1. CSCharles Stanion
Glad you made it back safe and sound...
2. CCasey J
3. MRMaureen Roth
Hope you're having a great ride - such an awesome fund to support! Be safe!
4. JMJames Missett
5. TTina and Fred
Enjoy the ride!
6. MKMatthew Knights