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Welcome to My Fundraising Page

Heather Tyson

Heather Tyson

UPDATE AUG 19, 2017: Amazingly, I'm only $117 away from reaching my fundraising goal of $2,620! We held a yard sale & t-shirt fundraiser that were very successful and brought in almost $1,000. I'm trying to raise as much as possible for this worthy organization, hoping to surpass the original goal! JUST A REMINDER, ALL MONEY DONATED GOES DIRECTLY TO THE ORGANIZATION, NOT TO ME! :)

Training-wise, I'm halfway there!! Finished 13.1 miles today! Not gonna lie though, it was ugly... very, very ugly... BUT I did it!! Sheer determination is what got me through this run. 75-80 degrees & 100% humidity was NOT awesome!!!

Enjoy your day, my friends!
Heather :)

UPDATE JUNE 5, 2017: Amazing weekend doing the Yard Sale Fundraiser! We had so much stuff donated and sold a great deal of it! Raised $781! I'm so close to the fundraising goal now! :)

I've now ran 8 miles twice, and will be doing it again this week if the rain holds off. Will be increasing the distance next week!

Thanks for the support y'all! :)

UPDATE 5/19/2017: WOW! Almost $1000 raised! THANK YOU to those who donated clothing!!!

I've now done 7 miles twice and will be upping the distance to 8 miles next week. Today's long run was REALLLLLY hard but it's done! Warmer weather is no joke if you're not used to it! :(

Thanks again everyone! :)

UPDATE 5/9/2017: The physical training has began! I'm up to 6 miles now with about 6 months left to train up to 26.2! I'm even more excited about raising funds and awareness for HFOT though! Initially I chose this organization because it was military related and offered me a way into the NYC Marathon. But I've realized it's so much more than that! It provides safety, security and a sense of freedom for families that have had to deal with life-changing situations. These men & women have made huge sacrifices so that my family is safer.

I'm looking out for ways that I can be more involved in this organization, even after the NYC Marathon is over! Hopefully, my friends and family will see how worthy this cause is as well and consider support! JUST A REMINDER, ALL MONEY DONATED GOES DIRECTLY TO THE ORGANIZATION, NOT TO ME! :)

Enjoy your day, my friends!
Heather :)

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page for Team HFOT in the TCS New York City Marathon!

I have committed to raising funds & awareness for Homes for Our Troops, a 501(c)(3) organization that builds specially adapted homes for severely injured veterans through my participation in this event.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to these heroes is a safe & functional place to live. HFOT builds homes that provide freedom & independence for our most severely wounded veterans to live comfortably.

The donations you make to support me will help this important organization. You can be assured that your donation is put to good use because Homes for Our Troops has received a Four Star rating from Charity Navigator.

Together we can make a every mile count! Every donation helps, no matter the amount! $1, $5, $10, $1,000,000.... whatever you can give will help me reach my goal of raising funds for this great organization and running the NYC marathon!

Thank you for your support!
Heather :)
raised of $2,620 goal


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