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Welcome To My HFOT Fundraising Page

Aubrey Wilcox

Aubrey's 35th Birthday Campaign

Mission: To build and donate specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is a publicly funded 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post – 9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives.

Most of these Veterans have sustained injuries including multiple limb amputations, partial or full paralysis, and/or severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). These homes restore some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed while defending our country, and enable them to focus on their family, recovery, and rebuilding their lives. Since its inception in 2004, nearly 90 cents of every dollar has gone directly to program services for Veterans.

HFOT builds these homes where the Veteran chooses to live, and continues its relationship with the Veterans after home delivery to assist them with rebuilding their lives.

Please join me in my efforts to support this wonderful organization!

Best - Aubrey

raised of $350 goal


Recent Donations

1. MNMary Nielsen
Happy Birthday! We've never met but I'm so inspired by your birthday wish that I'm making a donation and hope you dont mind that I'm stealing the idea when my birthday rolls around. An amazing pay-it-forward !
2. KNKaren Nelson
Happy Birthday! As Vernon Brewer from World Help says: "Every day, I try to live my life in such a way that I accomplish at least one thing that will outlive me and last for eternity."
3. MMMaria Mrasek
4. ?Anonymous
5. SWSusana Williams
Such a great cause!! As your friend and the wife of a retired US Navy Vet, I so appreciate you're doing this!!!
6. SDSarah Davis
Happy Birthday, Aubrey! Happy to celebrate your 35th and also give back to vets who need help with homes :-)