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Daniel Rosengard

Daniel Rosengard

Help the brothers of Kappa Delta Phi Chi Chapter raise money to be donated to the Homes for Our Troops organization.

The organization's purpose is to build homes for our injured veterans. The brother's of Kapaa Delta Phi have paired with the organization for several years. Last year as an organization we raised over 13,000$ and since 2014, this fraternity has raised just under $30,000 that was donated directly to building the houses for veterans who need housing with proper accommodations.

With the extreme generosity of the SNHU president, Paul LeBlanc, every dollar (up to $4,000) donated will be matched by the president. Help the brothers reach our goal and surpass our donation from the previous year!

We thank you for your support,

Kappa Delta Phi National Fraternity & Homes for Our Troops

raised of $2,000 goal


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1. SNScott Nesson
Great Job Brothers. Take.
2. DDDebra J Dunn
3. JGJoshua Gomez
Thank you for running this event
4. RMRobert MacAuslan
Thank you for doing this!
5. GTGary P. Tripp
Dan: Thanks for reaching out to me on this fundraising event and good luck on your efforts--I hope your dinner event goes well. Thanks, Dr. Gary Tripp
6. ?Anonymous
Great work