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Sarah Deberardinis

Sarah deBerardinis

Hello Everyone!

This semester, a group of five students from West Chester University are coming together in order to raise money for severely disabled Veterans.

The reason we decided to raise money for our troops is because it is something that is very near and dear to all our hearts! In addition, one of our group members is in the Army National Guard herself, and another group member's father is a severely disabled Vietnam Veteran, making this topic even more special to us!

We will be taking donations until at least the end of the semester, which will be the end of April! Large or small, any amount of donation would not only be greatly appreciated, it will also help change the lives of so many well deserving Veterans!

Our group thanks you in advance for all of your support!

raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. MEMolly Eckman
My donation is in honor of Vincent deBerardinis. This man in my best friend Sarah's father and is a person who is very special to myself and many people . He is truly a person to look up to and admire. To all troops fighting for our Country I thank you.

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